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The Anodized Blue kits are the same high quality set as above, but the handles have a rich blue coating, and are sold in limited numbers. We also limited numbers of Fiery Amber and Anodized Violet. With this set you get a choice of double or single headed long handle and a choice of three (3) different brush heads.

This kit comes complete with chrome-embossed Lazer Lines case. Set includes original medium striping handle, short handle, and your choice of single or double headed long handle. You also get your choice of two (2) Lazer Lines brush heads.

The Original Polished Aluminum Striping Handle - this is a 2 1/2 inch polished aluminum striping handle, with a light, balanced feel and a smooth finish. Also available in Fiery Amber.

A shorter handle for smaller hands, or for people who prefer that the handle not rest in the palm of the hand. You can easily turn this handle between your thumb and index finger. This handle works with all brush heads, but is especially good with the Lazer Line head. Also available in Fiery Amber.

This is a very well-balanced long handle for lettering and other activities where a quill, outliner, signature, scroll or pictorial brush head would be used. Also available in Fiery Amber.

Long Polished Double Handle. This handle is great for mobile sign painters and pinstripers! You can run it with two different brush heads for economy of use and helps prevent contamination of the hair when you are switching between brushes on small jobs. This is a very well balanced long handle for lettering and other activities where a quill, outliner, signature, scroll or pictorial brush head would be used. Also available in Fiery Amber.


Hand Engraved Set

These sets are hand engraved by C.J. Engineering, with traditional style flame pattern, and no two sets are alike! Upon order, we will contact you with details, or you can email for details.

Introducing the Lazer Line! These brushes have shorter hair and a full belly. They are excellent for fine straight lines and can hold a lot of paint. These work well with the short handle. Available in sizes 000, 00, 0, 1, 2 & 4

This is the latest addition to the Lazer Line family, Brush 3! This is a great brush for design work and turns. Longer hair than the Original striper and less belly make for a very soft brush. Available in sizes 00 & 0

This is our original striping brush head. Designed for long, straight lines, it has a full belly to hold a lot of paint, yet is still agile enough for turns and curves. A great all-around striping brush! Available in sizes 00, 0, & 1

The Cabriolet is made of the finest German squirrel hair in a shorter length. It's super versatile and is great for design work, turning corners as well as straight lines. Available in sizes 00, 0, & 1

Introducing Lazer Lines first synthetic striper! This brush is named well as it will withstand high winds and most types of environments. This brush is also made of Taklon hair. We chose this hair for our synthetic striper because the Taklon hair has performed so well with other brushes during product development! After using the Scarlet Fever for the first time, Robert knew this hair would make a great striper as it holds a lot of paint and appeared to hold up under all types of weather. If humidity and wind interfere with your striping, then you might want to give this brush a try! Available in sizes 000, 00, 0, & 1

The latest brush in our arsenal, the Black Plague is simply the coolest scroll brush available! Black chrome ferrule with Taklon hair, available in 5 sizes.

We've had fun talking about this brush and now it's here...Made from the same hair as our Black Plague, but extended to enable smooth, long swirls


Golden Boys (LL-GB)

Introducing one of our latest brushes...a "speed flat" with the same great Taklon hair as some of our other brushes. We have fallen into a "gold mine" with this hair. The Golden Boys are great for lettering and fill work. We offer 4 distinctive sizes ranging from 3/16"-1/2" ferrule size and all at 1-3/4" in hair length. These brushes hold a lot of paint and have great control! You may have seen this brush in the "Gold Leaf" issue of Auto Art Magazine, used by Dick "Thinman" Crawford. He has found this brush to be useful in laying down sizing when preparing for gold and/or silver leafing. He indicated that it allows the sizing to glide smoothly onto the surface. It withstands the harsher chemicals and cleaners better than any other brush he's tried!

This extended quill is also made of the same fine Taklon hair as the other brushes in our collection! This brush comes in 5 different sizes and is made very similar to the Scarlet Fever, except this brush has a blunt end! Green With Envy is great for lettering as it has a lot of spring. We've found that some of our product testers have made great use of this brush with its many different painting applications.

This quill is an exact duplication of our series #169 quills, except without the handle. The hair that is used is a black synthetic and blue squirrel hair mixture.

This brush has all the same characteristics of the Golden Boy except for the hair length. The shorter hair length 7/8" in all four sizes. The sizes we offer are 3/16', 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2".