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Used to clean polish and dirt from around chrome strips and seams. Can also be used as a mini whish broom or upholstery brush in hard to get to areas. Series 1940

This wonderful little brush whisks away dust & dirt in all those places towels & rags can't reach. Specially treated bristles "pick" dust & dirt in a single stroke. Good for air vents, car phones, gauges & recessed areas. Best for fine plastic & wood finishes.

The Detail Prep tool is a fiber burnishing brush used for removing rust and preparing a surface for a long lasting paint application. The glass fibers are very fine, but they are stronger than steel.

  • Cleans away wax, road film & rust.
  • Cleans & prepares an area for soldering. Cleans electrical connections, contacts, cable ends and tools.
  • Cleans & prepares any Metal surface for painting, gluing & any other type of restoration.
  • If you have ever had trouble with paint chipping or flaking off after masking off and painting graphics, this tool will be a big help. You can scuff up the paint surface right up to the masking tape. No shiny surface will show. You get a much sharper edge and paint adherence.
  • Cleans rivets and screws
  • Excellent For Spot Sanding and Paint Chip Repairs. It Will Become A Pinstriper & Touch-Up Man's Best Friend!
Series 150 & 150 Refills