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"Once upon a time in Michigan, Texas, and California, lived a lazy pinstriper. He wanted to make a lot of money fast. This pinstriper was busy with dealer lots, asphalt, dirt, and gravel. He pinstriped 20-30 cars per day in sun, rain, and wind. He started with a Grumbacher 1010, but when the wind blew, the little brush was taken by the wind. He wanted a brush the wind would not bother. He called Grumbacher and they made him a brush with taklon bristles. All was well, but the lazy pinstriper was still not happy. He now wanted to pull longer lines. He called Grumbacher again, but they sent him too short of a brush. He was told they had been conquered by the evil Kohinoors. The lazy pinstriper contacted the Maine Brush Company, but the Maine Brush Company was also conquered. The search continued for the magic bristle, leading the lazy pinstriper to the Andrew Mack & Son's Brush Company. Other brush makers suggested a blend of natural and synthetic bristles. The blend was highly sought after, a rare commodity, and soon to be extinct. He called Chris at Andrew Mack & Son Brush Company and cried, "Woe is me! These other nitwits forgot the formula and can't find the hair (or their ferrules either). The mighty Chris said, “Have no fear, I have an idea!” There is a new taklon and we can do it! After much trial, the Longstriper 1111 was created, the homage to the Grumbacher 1010 as per Spinal Tap where their amps went to 11. If you do commercial work, you are going to love these. This is the best straight line brush I have ever used. Moisture has no effect on this brush and the wind's 20mph is no match for this brush." -Michael Menard Available in sizes 00, 0, & 1 (#1111)

This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.


Our company has teamed up with HOT ROD SURF founder and artist Mark Whitney Mehran (MWM) to produce a specialized pinstriping brush for traditional freehand hot rod & motorcycle pinstriping.This brush is a faithful reproduction of the modified pinstriping brush that MWM uses in the Hot Rod Surf Pinstriping Techniques Movie and his book Basic Hot Rod Pinstriping Techniques with Hot Rod Surf. The Hot Rod Surf MWM series pinstriping brush is a multi-functional brush that is great for the 1950?s style freehand pinstriping and rugged enough to be put into daily professional use. The HRS-1 brush is specially designed to do it all from thick lines to thin lines, straight lines to circles, and everything in between.
  • This brush was manufactured with the beginner in mind and has the quality for the seasoned vets.
  • The brush is made with the classic dowel handle and the hair that is used is European dressed blue squirrel hair.
We are excited to bring such an expensive haired brush to the striper at an affordable price.


The new Domini-Quinn striping brush takes its cues from the legendary "Dominican", arguably one of the finest brushes to ever lay a line. Mack Brush has teamed up with Paul Quinn to recreate this brush of legend! From the length of the hair to its ultra thin ferrule, this brush pulls lines with the precision of a razors edge! Available in sizes 00, 0, & 1

The long awaited follow up to his sold out 'SQUATCH WHISKERS 000 striping brushes. The HIPPIE TRIPLE is a 000 size brush with full length hair. These bad boys handle like a sports car and carry enough paint to actually get some lines thrown down without having to re-load. This is a real striping brush that happens to make really fine lines.

This new brush is a "work horse!" It's designed for long stripes. The squirrel hair comes from China and it is softer than the traditional Siberian squirrel hair. This is the same hair we use in our #10 Original Mack Striping Brush. It's a very "fast" brush and lays out long lines. DeWayne is also featured in our Pinstripers Hall of Fame: Award #24 Series 1310


Kelly-Mack (K/M)

Tom Kelly's grandfather, O.Z. Crozier, (aka) "The Baron" of Baron Roth & Kelly started striping wagons and buggies for the Studebaker Bros. in the early 1900's. He then striped at the Ford Motor Co. for over 25 years through the 20's-30's and part of the 40's. In the early 50's when striping returned to cars in a custom style, I asked the Baron to stripe my friend's car and he did. My grandfather thought it might be good to go into business striping and he asked me, Kelly, to work with him, so I did. I've been striping every day for the last 53 years. The only brush the Baron and I have ever used is a #1 & #2 Mack Sword Striper from the Andrew Mack Brush Co. For all the new stripers coming into the business, don't be afraid to use a larger brush, you can do anything the smaller brush can do, but the larger brush will go further on a single load of paint. Available as a set or individual sizes 1 & 2

The Trickster is a striper with a handle length of 4-1/4". Jim Norris helped design this brush and with his sign painting background likes the longer length of a brush handle. For the stripers that prefer a shorter handle the modification is quick and easy. The striper is made of pure blue squirrel hair and has a length out of 2-1/4". The long length of the hair allows the brush to carry a good load of paint for a long distance. You can stand the brush up on the tip to create super fine lines even with the larger sizes. Available in sizes 00, 0 & 1


The Mack-Lite (M-L)

The Mack-Lite has less belly than the Fast-Lite or Mack-Belly. The shape is similar to the "Old Dominican," which was discontinued several years ago. Made with kazan squirrel hair and bound with a brass ferrule. Length out is graduated from 1 5/8" to 2". Available in sizes 00, 0, 1 & 2

Exactly like the "Mack-Lite," only more belly to the shape in order to carry more paint. Made with kazan squirrel hair. Length out is graduated from 1 5/8" to 2". Available in sizes 00, 0, 1 & 2


The Fast-Lite (F-L)

Similar to the "Mack-Lite," only the hair length is longer, and it is made with blue squirrel hair. Length out is graduated from 1 7/8'-2 1/4'. Available in sizes 00, 0, 1 & 2


The XCaliber (X)

What makes the XCaliber special is it's short hair length. Only 1 1/2" vs. the average 2" and 2 1/4". This shorter length allows greater control for intricate designs, as well as long lines. Available in sizes 0000, 000, 00 & 0

  • Black lacquered handles
  • Graduated hair lengths from 1 5/8" to 2"
  • Brown kazan squirrel hair
  • Seamless nickel ferrules
  • Great for design work and hard to reach areas
Available in sizes 000, 00, 0 & 1

(Grumbacher Replacement)

The Grumbacher Company was sold several years ago and the company that purchased Grumbacher discontinued many of the quality brush products. When the two Grumbacher stripers were no longer offered we found the company who had been making these for Grumbacher and began offering the same brush, but with our name on the handle. Unfortunately, that manufacturing company went out of business in mid 2002 and we assume the assets were purchased by a company in India. We were concerned about quality, distance, exchange rates etc., so we worked with several "Grumbacher users" and developed our own version of the old Grumbacher 1010. We can not offer the 1020 black plastic handle, since we would have to buy too many handles to get a cost effective price. Stripers who worked with us to develop this new brush also suggested that it be a bit longer. From this research came the New "Mach-One". Available in sizes 00, 0, 1, & 2  (see chart below) | Wooden Lacquered Handle Series 101

Glawson/Mack Extra Long Striper

  • Wood handle
  • Brass ferrule
  • Pure blue squirrel hair.
  • This brush is shaped like a fast-lite striper.
  • Available in sizes #1 (New Size), #0 & #00.
  • Both sizes have a hair length out of 2 1/4".
This striper can be used with either lettering enamel or urethane paint. Rick said, "They are great for long thin lines!" Available in sizes 00, 0, and NEW SIZE 1 Series 1644

Glawson/Mack Extra Long Striper

This brush is shaped like a Fast-Lite Striper, but with a hair mixture of squirrel and brown taklon for more body and snap. Available in #00 with a hair length of 2 1/4. Also, good for water base paint or any other paint that is more dense than lettering enamel. Available in size 00 Series 1645

Mixture Of Squirrel Hair & Taklon

This brush is similar to our Fast-Lite Pinstriping Brush, but with mixed hair to give the brush more body. Water-base paint has a higher density so mixing taklon with pure squirrel gives the brush body and snap. A generous amount of pure squirrel ensures the brush can carry enough paint to make it a good striper. Available in sizes 00, 0, 1 & 2 (see chart below)

This is a synthetic striper with a wood lacquered handle and brass finished ferrule. Available in sizes 00, 0 & 1 This series is a full synthetic filament mixture. 


Mack (SLS)

This striper has a mixture of black synthetic and blue squirrel hair. We have had recent success with this blend of hair and decided to put it in a striper. This chrome ferruled brush has a length out of 1-7/8". This brush will perform well in all mediums of paint with the emphasis being used with urethanes. Available in sizes 00, 0 & 1  

This series is a full synthetic filament mixture. 


Mack 1010

Back by popular demand for all the Grumbacher 1010 fans.

Available in sizes 00, 0 & 1 (#1010)

This Gold Ferrule & Capsule striper was introduced at the International Letterheads 2002 show in Mars, Pennsylvania. This 'made for traveling' striper is 100% blue squirrel and easily tucked into a pocket for stripers on the go. Available in 2 sizes. (see chart below)

Don't let the name of this brush fool you!

This is a very capable and useful brush made for long lines and a superb brush for design work, and an excellent choice for outlining flames, graphics, etc. After 17 years of using Cosmos then DaVinci 700 long liners for all of my line work I noticed the dreaded "hair falling out syndrome" then the shape consistently changing as the selling price of these brushes continued to rise. All the while always having to grab my trusty Mack blue wrap (series 10) for my design work or any time I had flames or graphics with lots of turns. I'd finally had enough. So teaming up with Mack Brush Company to develop a brush that combined the best of both worlds the Peewee 800 LongLiner was born! This wasn't a one time "hey make a brush like this guys" type of thing. It took many tries and quite a few design changes to ensure the "butterknife" or "sword" shape was just right, not to mention the hair count was refined to maximize the paint carrying abilities for those long lines this brush was intended for. In a nutshell, this is a highly refined Mack Series 10 built with a purpose, and with being a Mack rest assured it will be a workhorse that won't let you down! Available in sizes: 00, 0 & 1

Andrew Mack & Son Brush Company has teamed up with Todd Hanson to create a brush called the "King 13" which is offered in sizes 00000, 000, 00, and 0.

We use a 60mm Chinese blue squirrel hair for the 00000 and 000 giving the brush a total length of 1 3/4". We use a 64mm hair for the 00 and 0 which gives the brush a total length of 2". The brush has more pull in the making process giving it a little more taper than a traditional striper. The amount of hair that is distributed onto the handle during the making process is configured differently than our series #10 or #20 brushes. For example, the 00000 and 000 are made on a #00 handle, the 00 is made on a #0 handle, and the 0 is made on a #1 handle. Our technicians are applying the same amount of hair for a say a #00 brush but putting it on a handle that has a larger surface area. Available in sizes: 0000000, 00000, 000, 00, 0 & 1

A Brush Designed Just For Pinstripers!

100% Unmixed Blue Squirrel Hair

  • Handcrafted and shaped as it was many years ago
  • Extra attention given To quality control with respect to shape and cleaning
  • The very finest grade of blue squirrel
  • Blue thread ferrule
Available in sizes 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 & 4 (see chart below) Series 3010

All Brushes Made In U.S.A.

Finest Quality Squirrel Hair

  • Stripers are lacquer and enamel resistant
  • The dagger style is a valuable accessory for many purposes
  • Finest quality squirrel hair
  • Dark green thread ferrule


Stripers are mounted 6 to a card, all of one size. However, we would be glad to package any size or combination on a 1/2 dozen card. Examples: Two each of any three sizes. One each of six sizes. Available in sizes 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 & 4 (see chart below) Series 30

Finest Quality Squirrel Hair

  • Finest quality squirrel hair
  • Lacquer resistant
  • Excellent touch-up brush
  • Great for wide line graphics
  • Dark green thread ferrule
These are adapted for broad lines, the size depending upon the width of line desired. Also good for blacking off mouldings, chair and table legs, refrigerator bottoms, and other sectional areas. Makes a great fill in brush on a wide graphics (can replace a quill or stroke brush). Used on the edge, each size makes a slightly narrower line that when used flat. Universal for touch-up, for background work, and varnishing limited areas. Available in sizes 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 (see chart below) Series 40