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"Once upon a time in Michigan, Texas, and California, lived a lazy pinstriper. He wanted to make a lot of money fast. This pinstriper was busy with dealer lots, asphalt, dirt, and gravel. He pinstriped 20-30 cars per day in sun, rain, and wind. He started with a Grumbacher 1010, but when the wind blew, the little brush was taken by the wind. He wanted a brush the wind would not bother. He called Grumbacher and they made him a brush with taklon bristles. All was well, but the lazy pinstriper was still not happy. He now wanted to pull longer lines. He called Grumbacher again, but they sent him too short of a brush. He was told they had been conquered by the evil Kohinoors. The lazy pinstriper contacted the Maine Brush Company, but the Maine Brush Company was also conquered. The search continued for the magic bristle, leading the lazy pinstriper to the Andrew Mack & Son's Brush Company. Other brush makers suggested a blend of natural and synthetic bristles. The blend was highly sought after, a rare commodity, and soon to be extinct. He called Chris at Andrew Mack & Son Brush Company and cried, "Woe is me! These other nitwits forgot the formula and can't find the hair (or their ferrules either). The mighty Chris said, “Have no fear, I have an idea!” There is a new taklon and we can do it! After much trial, the Longstriper 1111 was created, the homage to the Grumbacher 1010 as per Spinal Tap where their amps went to 11. If you do commercial work, you are going to love these. This is the best straight line brush I have ever used. Moisture has no effect on this brush and the wind's 20mph is no match for this brush." -Michael Menard Available in sizes 00, 0, & 1 (#1111)

This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.


Synthetic detail brushes are no comparison to the natural hair and pointed detail brush of the new Micro Script brush. You will get the finest little lines and delicate touches you didn't even believe were possible. It is the brush you will fall in love with for all the little things you do. Available in sizes 3/0, 2/0, 0, 1 & 2


After using synthetic brushes, one might wonder if a natural haired brush could compare and perform. The Mack Brush Company did just that by creating the new Micro Mono brush. It's a natural, soft haired brush with just the right snap! Doing small letters will never be easier when you use this brush. Available in sizes 3/0, 2/0, 0, 1, & 2


Our company has teamed up with HOT ROD SURF founder and artist Mark Whitney Mehran (MWM) to produce a specialized pinstriping brush for traditional freehand hot rod & motorcycle pinstriping.This brush is a faithful reproduction of the modified pinstriping brush that MWM uses in the Hot Rod Surf Pinstriping Techniques Movie and his book Basic Hot Rod Pinstriping Techniques with Hot Rod Surf. The Hot Rod Surf MWM series pinstriping brush is a multi-functional brush that is great for the 1950?s style freehand pinstriping and rugged enough to be put into daily professional use. The HRS-1 brush is specially designed to do it all from thick lines to thin lines, straight lines to circles, and everything in between.
  • This brush was manufactured with the beginner in mind and has the quality for the seasoned vets.
  • The brush is made with the classic dowel handle and the hair that is used is European dressed blue squirrel hair.
We are excited to bring such an expensive haired brush to the striper at an affordable price.


The new Domini-Quinn striping brush takes its cues from the legendary "Dominican", arguably one of the finest brushes to ever lay a line. Mack Brush has teamed up with Paul Quinn to recreate this brush of legend! From the length of the hair to its ultra thin ferrule, this brush pulls lines with the precision of a razors edge! Available in sizes 00, 0, & 1


The conversation to introduce a liner and scroller/pinstriper was discussed for quite a while before it finally became a reality. We tried many different blends of hair whether it is natural, mixed or full synthetic. Von Dago decided on a full synthetic which is our synthetic sable. This is the latest and greatest synthetic on the market today! It is unusual in the fact that it absorbs the paint and flows off the fibers in a controlled manner. This hair absorbs like a sponge. I knew we were on to something when Von Dago, a natural hair enthusiast, fell in love with this synthetic. This brush is offered in sizes 4/0,2/0,0,2,4 & 6. Available in sizes 4/0, 2/0,0,2,4,6 This series is a full synthetic filament mixture. 


Introducing the latest brush from the Von Dago collection, the Von Dago Autograph.  We are having great success with this synthetic sable hair which is also used in Von Dago’s Mini Saber and Saber Liner series.  Let’s look at what the artist has to say about this brush.

Using my favorite synthetic hair in this brush for longevity, it's only a mere 3/4" out from the Ferrule. Whether it be on canvas art or vehicles, I like to personally sign my name to look like a stamp, time after time, so the public – and my peers – can easily tell who striped the car they are admiring, whether it be displayed at a car show or parked in a parking lot.

I designed this brush solely for this purpose - for absolute consistency over ‘n over ‘n over! Plus, if you strictly use it for what it’s intended for, it should last you at least a couple of years.

Now we all know you can sign a name with any type of brush, but once again - and speaking only for myself - I want absolute no stress and no hassle consistency.

I want people to be able to read my name, not guess at it, you know?” - Von Dago

This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.


The conversation to introduce a liner and scroller/pinstriper was discussed for quite a while before it finally became a reality. We tried many different blends of hair whether it is natural, mixed or full synthetic. Von Dago decided on a full synthetic which is our synthetic sable. This is the latest and greatest synthetic on the market today! It is unusual in the fact that it absorbs the paint and flows off the fibers in a controlled manner. This hair absorbs like a sponge. I knew we were on to something when Von Dago, a natural hair enthusiast, fell in love with this synthetic. This brush is offered in sizes 00 thru 2. Available in sizes 00,0,1,2 This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.

A soft and snappy full synthetic ( Teijin ) long liner. Primarily intended for my own style of lettering, pictorials and pinstriping. This brush set flat-out performs superb for small lettering, script, outlining text and images. Create intricate design work with a brush that can get in the tight spaces and keep your line work as fine as possible. Works perfect with enamels, inks, urethanes, and water based colors. (adjust viscosity accordingly) Offered as a set at a reduced price. Available in sizes: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.

Mack's new Black Widow Scroller

The Wizard Black Widow is the latest scrolling brush from Mack Brush and Steve "The Wizard" Chaszeyka. Developed for maximum control and response, to the specs of a veteran scroll striper, it holds the line and delivers beautiful results. If you use scroll striping, you'll love this brush! Available in sizes 000, 00, 0, 1 & 2

Bobbo's "Super Quad" 4 Action Brush

This is another development between Bobbo and Mack Brush Co. to bring to the pinstriper-artist a new brush to fulfill some of the difficult tasks of using a brush to it's fullest. This brush because of it's shorter bristles and fine blue squirrel & black synthetic hair makes scrolling easier and faster. It also pinstripes short lines, 2-4 feet in length without having to change brushes. Plus it will let you letter your signature very small and also do small script lettering. This brush has adequate snap and flexibility other brushes don't have. This allows the pinstriper/scroller to use one brush for four purposes without having to change brushes or color. The drawing to the left shows the correct position to hold the brush, 65-85 degrees and only using one fourth inch to only one half inch of the tip. Any deeper into the hairs will widen the lines and disfigure your artwork. Heavy pressure and lifting the brush as you drag your line will give a long teardrop effect. The drawing shows how to use the brush. Available in sizes 00, 0, 1 & 2

The long awaited follow up to his sold out 'SQUATCH WHISKERS 000 striping brushes. The HIPPIE TRIPLE is a 000 size brush with full length hair. These bad boys handle like a sports car and carry enough paint to actually get some lines thrown down without having to re-load. This is a real striping brush that happens to make really fine lines.


Monster Stix (M/T)

After more than a year of development, we are super stoked to have a hand full of the coolest and most versatile paint brushes we have ever offered. For this set, Jeral consulted with one of the most well rounded painters he has ever know... his wife Sarah. With her input, the set was elevated to a whole new level. This 7 pc. set (Better Half, Big Filly, Shady, Foxy, Super Slim, Lil'Filly, Monkey Whisker) is the next step in our collective painting evolution. Long lines, tiny details, smooth shading, and just plain ole rocking it out... these bad boys have got you covered. This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.   

This is the very special brush that veteran pinstriper Alan Johnson uses to sign his panels. Made with a special taklon and great for fine detail work!

Available In 3 Sizes!

  • 4/0 Smaller Size
  • 2/0 The Original Signature Brush
  • 1 Larger Size
This series is a full synthetic filament mixture. Alan is also featured in our Pinstripers Hall of Fame: Award #21 Available in sizes 0000, 00 & 1

"The Extreme Liner" is made with blue squirrel hair which holds a good load of paint to carry a very fine line a very long way. Alan Johnson designed this brush especially for outlining gold lettering where crisp fine lines are essential. It works fantastic for tight intricate work.  Available in sizes 0, 1 & 2 (see chart below)

"The Mini Detailer" is made of a dark brown synthetic hair with a nice chiseled edge. Alan Johnson designed this brush for painting small lettering, elaborate emblems, ornaments, cartoons, etc... Available in sizes 1 & 2 (see chart below) This series is a full synthetic filament mixture. 

This new brush is a "work horse!" It's designed for long stripes. The squirrel hair comes from China and it is softer than the traditional Siberian squirrel hair. This is the same hair we use in our #10 Original Mack Striping Brush. It's a very "fast" brush and lays out long lines. DeWayne is also featured in our Pinstripers Hall of Fame: Award #24 Series 1310


Kelly-Mack (K/M)

Tom Kelly's grandfather, O.Z. Crozier, (aka) "The Baron" of Baron Roth & Kelly started striping wagons and buggies for the Studebaker Bros. in the early 1900's. He then striped at the Ford Motor Co. for over 25 years through the 20's-30's and part of the 40's. In the early 50's when striping returned to cars in a custom style, I asked the Baron to stripe my friend's car and he did. My grandfather thought it might be good to go into business striping and he asked me, Kelly, to work with him, so I did. I've been striping every day for the last 53 years. The only brush the Baron and I have ever used is a #1 & #2 Mack Sword Striper from the Andrew Mack Brush Co. For all the new stripers coming into the business, don't be afraid to use a larger brush, you can do anything the smaller brush can do, but the larger brush will go further on a single load of paint. Available as a set or individual sizes 1 & 2

The Trickster is a striper with a handle length of 4-1/4". Jim Norris helped design this brush and with his sign painting background likes the longer length of a brush handle. For the stripers that prefer a shorter handle the modification is quick and easy. The striper is made of pure blue squirrel hair and has a length out of 2-1/4". The long length of the hair allows the brush to carry a good load of paint for a long distance. You can stand the brush up on the tip to create super fine lines even with the larger sizes. Available in sizes 00, 0 & 1

The finest quality multi-diameter, silky soft, flagged Taklon, specially selected and blended together to achieve the performance of the best red sable, but with the durability of a synthetic brush. The ratio of our blend gives you a unique and superior capillary action in the release of color, far beyond other single diameter material offered by other manufacturers. These brushes are very versatile and durable, and I recommend you try them for all your pictorial needs. Also, you can use the two flat brushes for some awesome dry brush effects!
  • The 1/2" or Flat Brush is used for laying in larger areas of background colors, such as, sky, mountains, etc., and also for super dry brush slash effects that are very popular in the automotive paint business.
  • The Shader is a smaller version of the 1/2" and is used for smaller details like rocks, trees, feathers, etc.
  • The Dagger (my personal favorite!) is used for a multitude of things such as long quill like strokes, tall grasses, trees, also straight lines. Just experiment with this one!
  • The Fan Brush can be used for rendering fur, bush, trees, water, etc.
  • The Detailer is used for all tiny strokes like individual hairs, small feathers, etc. Also, I like to use it to do broken outlines around my dry brush strokes and lettering.
Available As A 5 Pc. Set Or Individually! This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.

Introducing the Big Dog.

This brush is similar to Mike's 1/2" Flat Brush above, but twice as big. A full 1" for those really big murals!

For years I tried to paint pictorials with conventional sign brushes, but just didn't get the effect I wanted, not to mention the abuse I put my brushes through! The Black Gold Lavallee/Mack Series are the answer to that problem! If any of these Black/Gold Taklon Brushes get crimped or bent during shipment or storage, they can usually be straightened with boiling hot water. These brushes are also great for any water based paints, as well as, your lettering enamels! If you use them with enamels, just clean and oil them just like your lettering and striping brushes.
  • If you are using them with water based paints, just wash them with mild soap and water.
  • Don't mix oil and water. These brushes are affordable enough to buy a set for each.
  • I'm very proud of these brushes, that's why I have my name on them!!
This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.

Mixture Of Squirrel & Taklon

  • XXS - Similar to a Size #2 Graduated Quill
  • XS - Similar to a Size #3 Graduated Quill
  • S - Similar to a Size #4 Graduated Quill
  • M - Similar to a Size #6 Graduated Quill
  • L - Similar to a Size #8 Graduated Quill
  • XL - Similar to a Size #10 Graduated Quill
Available In Open Stock Sizes Or Save And Buy The 6 Piece Set! John Hannukaine is also featured in our Pinstripers Hall of Fame: Award #35 Available in 6 sizes This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.

The Jenson's Swirly Q brush is designed for scroll striping and script lettering with enamel based paints. Scroll striping requires thinner paint. If mineral spirits were to be used, the paint would run easier. I recommend using a slow drying automotive reducer for thinning enamel based paints. These can be purchased at your local autobody supply. Clean the brush thoroughly with reducer before and after each use. Never use lacquer thinner! Always store your brush in mineral oil between uses. - Gary Jenson Both Sizes Have The Same Diameter. However The JS-1 is 1 7/16" Out and The JS-2 is 1 11/16" Out. Available in 2 sizes

  • 1/4" Shader
  • 1/4" Stroke
  • Liner
The handle of the brush was the starting point of this brush design. The handle is a little larger in circumference then a pencil with a dramatic taper into the ferrule of the brush. Ron Myers helped design this brush because he liked the feel of this larger handle. He calls the three brushes that make up this set "The Car Show Set". Ron goes to several car shows a year and likes the fact that he only has to rely on these three brushes and a #10 striper. The 1/4" stroke and liner are straight forward brushes used in traditional fashion. The 1/4" shader was designed for wet on wet paint blending. These extremely durable brushes are made of taklon and are all sold individually. This series is a full synthetic filament mixture. Available in 3 sizes

"The Rhino Fitch was developed to have the softness to paint on smooth surfaces, hold a good amount of paint, keep their snap, but have the stiffness to work on rough surfaces such as coating sandblasted signs and wall lettering and pictorials. They are great for blending, lettering, stippling, faux finishes, cutting clean lines and pictorial painting on any surface. True to its namesake this brush is tough and durable." -- Gary Anderson Bloomington Design Available in 6 sizes (see chart below) Series 4080 & 4085

QM Grey Quill with a pink Lacquered Handle

designed by Paul Quinn The "extended" quill for curley q's, stripes and letters of all types. Available in sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 - SEVERAL NEW SIZES (see chart below)

QM Brown Quill with a plain Lacquered Handle

designed by Paul Quinn

The "extended" quill for curley q's, stripes and letters of all types. Available in sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 - SEVERAL NEW SIZES (see chart below)

Mack/Tidwell brushes? Well, I didn't set out to reinvent the wheel, however, I wanted to make a brush set for other artists like myself, illustrators who work in a few mediums. When you're working on finks, eyeballs, monsters, etc...these brushes will prove themselves invaluable. The purpose of the set is to make all of your detail work faster and easier, plain and simple. These brushes work great with enamels, acrylics, oils, and I'm sure they will work with just about any other medium. You have the Mini, Lil'Bit, Slim, Skinny, Lil'Bit More, and Flat Top. The handles are a little fatter in the belly (where you grab 'em), so they have a little more room for normal-sized hands (see the picture for a good idea). It's not much, but I like to think it's just enough. The bristles vary depending on the brush size and configuration. The smaller brushes are made of a softer, fine quality synthetic. The large flat and the long outliner are made with golden synthetic. I chose synthetic because these brushes are much easier to care for and keep their shape extremely well. Both types of bristles have smooth paint delivery while keeping a little spring to them. All of the brushes are super useful and you will find yourself reaching for them in a hundred different situations. They blend paint really well without the brush strokes of stiffer bristles. They also work for lines, shading, and for sharp detail. The brushes really speak for themselves. There are a couple of other brushes that the set needs, so we are working on those now. I know there is no perfect brush or brush set for everyone, but I seriously doubt you'll find a more useful brush set at this price point or any for that matter. Not to mention, they are the only brushes on Earth with brass knuckles stamped on the handles! - Jeral Tidwell This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.

The new 3 piece paint brush set

Five Speed:

Which is a larger version of the " SLIM" from the original set. The five speed is basically a #5 script / scroll brush as the slim was basically a #3 or so.


Which is a larger version of the "LIL BIT MORE" ... it's a little longer and fatter so it has a ton of uses... seriously.


This is a completely new brush... it is Amazing for outlining, details, med. to long lines within an illustration.


M/T Broken Pinkies

6 brushes... worth loosing a finger over! Seriously... they are that good!

These have synthetic bristles and can be used with 1-shot, acrylics, oils, and any other paint you can dream up... trust me, I have tried it.
  1. MULLET - Long bristles, 1/4 flat that is Great for lettering, filling, etc... (Series #M/T - Mullet)
  2. SCRUBBY - Short bristles, 1/4 flat blender and all around useful brush. (Series #M/T - Scrubby)
  3. SCRIPTY - Long bristles, square lettering brush with a million uses. (Series #M/T - Scripty)
This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.
  1. PICK UP LINE - Long sharp bristles, this is an Amazing outliner. (Series #M/T - Pick Up Line)
  2. POINTY - Super fine detail brush and outliner... I use it for everything. (Series #M/T - Pointy)
  3. STUBBY - This is basically a #2 round with infinite uses. (Series #M/T - Stubby)
This set is basically all of the brushes missing from my last 2 brush sets. I am always finding a reason to add brushes to my box and these took me almost 2 years to develop and perfect... not to mention that they are FLORESCENT PINK! What else could you ask for?!?

This brush has all the same attributes and capabilities of the Bobbo Super Quad but in a long handled version. Available in sizes 00, 0, 1 & 2

Blue Squirrel - Grey Handle

"If you use scroll striping, you'll love this brush! After 30 years of scrolling we've developed what I think is the finest brush available for this style. It gives beautiful controlled lines that respond exactly to your movements without the slightest hesitation, splitting or fraying in the turns. It holds its line throughout the pattern and gives you more response - like the most expensive brushes used for scrolling. I recommend this for beginners as well as seasoned veterans of this style." - Steve Chaszeyka Available in 3 sizes Steve is also featured in our Pinstripers Hall of Fame: Award #9

Kazan Squirrel - Bronze Handle

"Just a hair' faster than the Vortex, but with all the quality, this baby moves right along. As fast as you can think of a design, the typhoon seems to read your mind and anticipate you next move. The hair was chosen for quick response time and accurate placement on any surface. I especially like this brush for motorcycle work because of the curved surfaces and the brushes 'forgiveness' in tight turns. I am amazed at its performance every time I use it." - Steve Chaszeyka Available in 3 sizes. Steve is also featured in our Pinstripers Hall of Fame: Award #9


The Virus (444)

The Scrolling/Script Brush

One of the sign industries most exciting and innovative new brushes affectionately called: "The Virus"

The series #444 is a specially blended golden taklon. This recommended design by the industry leaders is perfect for scroll and script work. Available in sizes 0, 1, 2, 4 & 6 (see chart below) This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.

The Virus II is made of a soft golden synthetic hair. Designed by "Dave the Letterman" to appease the small crowd of painters who thought the original virus was a touch too stiff. So we decided to make the brush with the same specifications as the original but with a golden synthetic hair that is a little softer. This brush will still be used for the same applications of scroll and script work. Available in sizes 0, 1, 2 & 4 Series 444VII This series is a full synthetic filament mixture. 

Don't let the name of this brush fool you!

This is a very capable and useful brush made for long lines and a superb brush for design work, and an excellent choice for outlining flames, graphics, etc. After 17 years of using Cosmos then DaVinci 700 long liners for all of my line work I noticed the dreaded "hair falling out syndrome" then the shape consistently changing as the selling price of these brushes continued to rise. All the while always having to grab my trusty Mack blue wrap (series 10) for my design work or any time I had flames or graphics with lots of turns. I'd finally had enough. So teaming up with Mack Brush Company to develop a brush that combined the best of both worlds the Peewee 800 LongLiner was born! This wasn't a one time "hey make a brush like this guys" type of thing. It took many tries and quite a few design changes to ensure the "butterknife" or "sword" shape was just right, not to mention the hair count was refined to maximize the paint carrying abilities for those long lines this brush was intended for. In a nutshell, this is a highly refined Mack Series 10 built with a purpose, and with being a Mack rest assured it will be a workhorse that won't let you down! Available in sizes: 00, 0 & 1

Andrew Mack & Son Brush Company has teamed up with Todd Hanson to create a brush called the "King 13" which is offered in sizes 00000, 000, 00, and 0.

We use a 60mm Chinese blue squirrel hair for the 00000 and 000 giving the brush a total length of 1 3/4". We use a 64mm hair for the 00 and 0 which gives the brush a total length of 2". The brush has more pull in the making process giving it a little more taper than a traditional striper. The amount of hair that is distributed onto the handle during the making process is configured differently than our series #10 or #20 brushes. For example, the 00000 and 000 are made on a #00 handle, the 00 is made on a #0 handle, and the 0 is made on a #1 handle. Our technicians are applying the same amount of hair for a say a #00 brush but putting it on a handle that has a larger surface area. Available in sizes: 0000000, 00000, 000, 00, 0 & 1