M/T Broken Pinkies


6 brushes… worth loosing a finger over! Seriously… they are that good!

These have synthetic bristles and can be used with 1-shot, acrylics, oils, and any other paint you can dream up… trust me, I have tried it.

  1. MULLET – Long bristles, 1/4 flat that is Great for lettering, filling, etc… (Series #M/T – Mullet)
  2. SCRUBBY – Short bristles, 1/4 flat blender and all around useful brush. (Series #M/T – Scrubby)
  3. SCRIPTY – Long bristles, square lettering brush with a million uses. (Series #M/T – Scripty)
  4. PICK UP LINE – Long sharp bristles, this is an Amazing outliner. (Series #M/T – Pick Up Line)
  5. POINTY – Super fine detail brush and outliner… I use it for everything. (Series #M/T – Pointy)
  6. STUBBY – This is basically a #2 round with infinite uses. (Series #M/T – Stubby)

This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.

This set is basically all of the brushes missing from my last 2 brush sets. I am always finding a reason to add brushes to my box and these took me almost 2 years to develop and perfect…
not to mention that they are FLORESCENT PINK!

What else could you ask for?!?