Herb Martinez’s Guide to Pinstriping (BOOK-HMGTPB)

By: Herb Martinez

Stripe Like A Pro You’ll learn how to: Select the proper paint, brushes, tapes and supplies Go “straight” like a pro Lay out flames, scallops and other graphic designs Apply gold leaf Do sponging, splatter, spatter and other effects So, whether your next pinstriping project will be on a hot rod, pickup truck, motorcycle, boat or anything in between, the techniques you learn in Herb Martinez’s Guide to Pinstriping will put you on the path to pinstriping like a pro. About the Author: Herb Martinez is a true master of his craft. After first learning the art and business of pinstriping in the 1960s and following the leads of such “old school” stripers as Von Dutch and Tommy “the Greek” Hrones, Martinez has managed to stay at the forefront of striping design, trends and techniques for almost four decades. When not adding color and style to everything from motorcycles to antique machinery to classic hot rods, Martinez travels the world teaching, speaking and preaching the gospel of striping.

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