Interlock Bronze Long Handle


Dynasty’s Interlock Bronze has a seamless nickel ferrule and balanced kiln-dried hardwood long smooth handles that make for an exceptional brush series. Interlocked Bronze was created to offer an alternative to natural hair without losing the natural hair performance. It was designed with our proprietary interlocked bristle technology to offer durability and control. Although these are synthetic paintbrushes, they can withstand harsh chemicals without breaking down and still maintain ease-of-painting.

Dynasty’s Interlock Bronze was designed to go from the smallest detail to filling in block colors, all while using the same brush. From impasto painting to washes, Interlock Bronze can be used without leaving brush strokes. There is a fantastic spring and snap. Because of the patented interlocking filaments, the artist can achieve a longer paint flow without having to re-load.

Perfect for:

  • Oils, Acrylics, Gouaches & Inks
Interlock Bronze sets
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