Lettering Charts

: $22.00

In the beginning…

learning to paint great signs can be a long road of daily practice, patience, diligence and frustration. Having the right source material to learn from is important. These charts, hand lettered by a professional sign painter with over 45 years of experience, clearly and colorfully show how each letter of the five basic typestyles is formed. A well rounded sign painter will memorize each of these basic letterforms, which will then open up a world of creativity for altering them into new and original typestyles.

The letters on these charts have been digitally perfected to show you what the ultimate, ideal goal is. No sign painter will ever letter this perfectly with a brush, but these letterforms are examples of what every sign painter tries for. Both upper and lower case are addressed in each alphabet.

  • 12 basic alphabet charts to learn correct letter formations.
  • They are heavy laminated poster size cards l8″ x 28″
  • All charts are two-sided with different charts on each side.
  • With tracing paper or glass over top, you paint correct forms.
  • Basic charts show each stroke in order, plus stroke direction.