Mike Lavallee’s The Big Dog (L/M – Big Dog)

: $25.70

Introducing the Big Dog.

This brush is similar to Mike’s 1/2″ Flat Brush above, but twice as big. A full 1″ for those really big murals!

For years I tried to paint pictorials with conventional sign brushes, but just didn’t get the effect I wanted, not to mention the abuse I put my brushes through! The Black Gold Lavallee/Mack Series are the answer to that problem!
If any of these Black/Gold Taklon Brushes get crimped or bent during shipment or storage, they can usually be straightened with boiling hot water.

These brushes are also great for any water based paints, as well as, your lettering enamels! If you use them with enamels, just clean and oil them just like your lettering and striping brushes.

  • If you are using them with water based paints, just wash them with mild soap and water.
  • Don’t mix oil and water. These brushes are affordable enough to buy a set for each.
  • I’m very proud of these brushes, that’s why I have my name on them!!

This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.

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