The Showcards Book by Mike Meyer – Workshops 2015-2020

: $40.00

Mike Meyer is on a mission to teach the world to paint signs, and he has the airmiles to prove it. In this retrospective of his promotional workshop showcards, he shares his sources of inspiration, the techniques used to produce them, and the memories they bring back

100 original hand-painted pieces are included as a celebration of Mike’s teaching, He always says that his favorite sign is the next one he has to paint, but there’s also lots to learn by looking back, reflecting on, and critiquing your own work. This is done within the pages of The Showcards Book to support all students of sign painting, and to help everyone remain grounded and humble in their work.

128 pages | 172 x 250 mm (6.8″ x 9.8″) | ISBN 978-0-9574630-3-5