Wizard’s Pinstriping Masters Scroll (Updated Version)(DVD-WPMS)

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By: Steve “Wizard” Chaszeyka

Scroll style pinstriping is the most elegant, yet difficult style to master. I have seen many failed attempts at this elusive style, and sympathize with anyone who has picked up a scroll brush and “gave it a whirl”.

The instruction contained in this video is a result of 45 years of experimentation and perfection of the scroll style. I will show you, through a 2-part instructional session the secrets I have learned and the shortcuts to pinstriping mastery. You CANNOT learn the scroll style by picking up a brush and expecting magic to happen. There are principles and movements necessary to execute good scroll designs. If you have tried and failed, this video is for you.

If you have been trying to design scroll styles, but only end up frustrated, this method can help you. Tired of copying someone else’s style? This video is for you.

Learn to scroll like a master – have the confidence that every time you pick up the brush, you will design beautiful scroll style pinstriping every time.

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