Please visit us at our new, larger location: 216 E Chicago St., in Jonesville, Michigan. 


It is a great pleasure for our company to serve in the custom painting field. We have helped make all kinds of different mediums look more beautiful since 1891. We welcome the feedback of the artist and put a lot of those suggestions into our product line. Just take a look at our signature series section. 


We’ve added our full catalog in print form to our website as well as our pricing sheet. Be sure to check them out!


The hair that we use in our striping brushes is 100% unmixed squirrel hair and the brush is made in America by Americans in Jonesville, Michigan. This is a statement that no other pinstriping manufacturer can claim!

When drawing stripes, both broad and fine
And what is more a double line
You’re never safe from a man’s attack
Unless your stripers come from Mack.


Making our brushes is totally a hand-crafted operation, just as it was in 1891. There is not one piece of machinery used in its manufacturing. Each one is completely manufactured by eight ot ten very talented technicians.

Our Newest Products

DVDs Books & Mackwear

Garment Mack Hat

Sizes: S/M or L/XL

DVDs Books & Mackwear

Flat Bill Mack Hat

Sizes: S/M or L/XL


Other Tools

Mack Mags

Yellow Magnets for a guide, in long line automotive pinstriping. The magnets contain a matte coat paint protection barrier. This creates a barrier between the magnet and vehicle surface. 5" x .030" X 18'


Sign Painting

BB-PC Brush Box

Powder coated in Ruby Red or Sapphire Blue, the all aluminum brush box will protect your brushes while drying, storing, and transporting. The brushes are held in place with two steel spring coils. 3 1/2" X 10"


"Once upon a time in Michigan, Texas, and California, lived a lazy pinstriper. He wanted to make a lot of money fast. This pinstriper was busy with dealer lots, asphalt, dirt, and gravel. He pinstriped 20-30 cars per day in sun, rain, and wind. He started with a Grumbacher 1010, but when the wind blew, the little brush was taken by the wind. He wanted a brush the wind would not bother. He called Grumbacher and they made him a brush with taklon bristles. All was well, but the lazy pinstriper was still not happy. He now wanted to pull longer lines. He called Grumbacher again, but they sent him too short of a brush. He was told they had been conquered by the evil Kohinoors. The lazy pinstriper contacted the Maine Brush Company, but the Maine Brush Company was also conquered. The search continued for the magic bristle, leading the lazy pinstriper to the Andrew Mack & Son's Brush Company. Other brush makers suggested a blend of natural and synthetic bristles. The blend was highly sought after, a rare commodity, and soon to be extinct. He called Chris at Andrew Mack & Son Brush Company and cried, "Woe is me! These other nitwits forgot the formula and can't find the hair (or their ferrules either). The mighty Chris said, “Have no fear, I have an idea!” There is a new taklon and we can do it! After much trial, the Longstriper 1111 was created, the homage to the Grumbacher 1010 as per Spinal Tap where their amps went to 11. If you do commercial work, you are going to love these. This is the best straight line brush I have ever used. Moisture has no effect on this brush and the wind's 20mph is no match for this brush." -Michael Menard Available in sizes 00, 0, & 1 (#1111)


After using synthetic brushes, one might wonder if a natural haired brush could compare and perform. The Mack Brush Company did just that by creating the new Micro Mono brush. It's a natural, soft haired brush with just the right snap! Doing small letters will never be easier when you use this brush. Available in sizes 3/0, 2/0, 0, 1, & 2


Sign Painting

Mack & Meyer Mop

As most know, Mike Meyer, is the worldwide educator of hand lettering. We thought it would be logical to introduce a series of brushes that he could introduce to all his students in his extensive travels. We have been working on a series of lettering quills that would work well for both the professional and the beginner. We decided on a synthetic sable hair that is like no other synthetic on the market. This synthetic is the closest thing to real sable hair without having to pay the steep sable price. In the last year the price of pure sable has increased by fifty percent and I?m not sure that the price is stable yet! The synthetic sable is unusual in the fact, that it absorbs paint like natural hair. More importantly, it flows out of the brush in a controlled manner. This brush can be used with enamel, urethane and water based paint. We hope that you find this brush to be as versatile as its intended origin. Available in sizes 0,2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16 (see chart below)


Von Dago Mini Saber

The conversation to introduce a liner and scroller/pinstriper was discussed for quite a while before it finally became a reality. We tried many different blends of hair whether it is natural, mixed or full synthetic. Von Dago decided on a full synthetic which is our synthetic sable. This is the latest and greatest synthetic on the market today! It is unusual in the fact that it absorbs the paint and flows off the fibers in a controlled manner. This hair absorbs like a sponge. I knew we were on to something when Von Dago, a natural hair enthusiast, fell in love with this synthetic. This brush is offered in sizes 00 thru 2. Available in sizes 00,0,1,2