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The old "Art Sign Company" used to make a series 1963 Super Grey Hound. It was made with Pure Grey Talahoutky Squirrel. This Grey Squirrel is very hard to get today and is also very expensive. Nevertheless, our customers have been requesting a Grey Squirrel Flat (or lettering brush). Since our 1962 (Flat), which is a mixture of Pure Blue Squirrel and Ox hair sells as well, or even a little better, than our Pure Squirrel Flat series 1992 - we thought we would bring out a Grey mixture Flat that would not be all that expensive and still give you the body and snap of our Grey Squirrel Hair. This is not intended to replace our Series 1962 or 1992. It is a merely a less expensive alternative. Hope you like it!! Available in 6 sizes (see chart below) Series 1932

Soft Flat Stroke

  • 100% Pure Blue Squirrel Hair
  • Seamless Nickel Ferrules
  • Black Polished Handles - Gold Tip
This soft flat has a very clean edge with excellent control. You can letter very quickly and it lays out paint beautifully. Available in 7 sizes (see chart below)

Sign Painting

Jet Stroke (1962)

Truck Letterer

  • Pure Squirrel-Black Ox Mixture
  • Long Length
  • Seamless Nickel Ferrules
  • Dark Brown Handles
  • One Stroke Lettering
The Series 1962 is an excellent overall lettering brush. It is normally used for larger lettering and production lettering. It can also be used as a fill-in brush and an outliner for large letters. The long hair length allows the brush to carry a lot of paint. This brush is suitable for most surfaces. It is a mixture of pure squirrel and black ox. It has a flat ferrule and the hair comes in graduated lengths. Available in 7 sizes (see chart below)

Fine Grade Touch-up

  • Blend of Pony & Goat Hair
  • Aluminum Ferrules
  • Plain Varnished Handle
Available in 7 sizes (see chart below) Series 5170

  • Blend of Pony & Goat Hair
  • Seamed Nickel Ferrules
  • Short Length
  • Black Polished Handle
Available in 7 sizes (see chart below)

  • Finest Grade
  • Goat and Synthetic Mixture
  • Nickel Ferrules
  • Black Handles
This is a stroke or lettering brush that is normally used for bigger show card and lettering work. The brush is suitable for most any surface. Because of the goat and synthetic hair in the brush, it has a lot of snap and makes a nice straight razor edge. It is made with a goat and synthetic mixture and has a flat ferrule. Available in 5 sizes (see chart below) Series 160

  • Sharpest Working Edge
  • Seamless Nickel Ferrules
  • Synthetic Nylon Filament
  • Polished Handles
Synthetic Golden Taklon has the same snap and lettering qualities as Sable, but at a considerable lower price. Available in 4 sizes (see chart below)   Series 162

  • Ox Hair
  • Nickel Ferrules
  • Cup and Chiseled
  • Red Handles
  • Finest Grade
Available in 4 sizes (see chart below) Series 175

Sign Painting

One Stroke (2962)

  • Brown Synthetic Hair Mixture. Our preferred mixtures for water base & acrylic paint.
  • Cream Handles With A Brown Tip
Available in 7 sizes (see chart below)

Sign Painting

Camel Hair Flats (49)

  Series 49 - Formerly 9305