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Guilders Dusting Oval Mops (RP-8)

Gold Leaf Dusting Mop Brush size 1-1/2", are used to gently Dust away the excess gold leaf known as Skewings. Remember to dust gently, because the excess gold that you dusting off, can scratch the gold on the surface. Gold Leaf Dusting Mop Brushes, are also used for applying fine Mica or Bronzing Powders over gold size (gold leaf application varnish), simply dip the Dusting Mop into your powder and the transfer to the gold size gently, if you get any hairs stuck in the gold size, simply lift out and continue to cover or flock the surface.

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Gilder Tips (1138)

One popular size: 3 1/2" X 2 1/4" length out. Single thick Blue Squirrel Hair. The single thick tips are more popular than the double thick, since you can see through the single thick hair and you are less likely to make an error. (#1138)

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Gilders Sizing Brush (RP-5)

This brush was designed for water gilding glass with loose leaf in reverse for Signage, Art, Decoration and much more. The hair is 100% pure brown squirrel. The hair is wrapped with a copper ferrule and attached to the handle with brass nails. The handle is made from wood and painted black. The handle also has a hanging hole. The overall length is 7". The width of the brush is 1 1/2" and the hair length out is 1 1/4". Available in 1 size only

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Japan Brush (1646)

The hair length in all three sizes is approximately the same - 1 1/4" out. The Japan Brush is made with Black Goat Hair and a plain lacquered handle. Japans are great for painting backgrounds, especially glass backgrounds. They are great for pushing paint out of the way without leaving lines or streaks. The Japan Brush is also used for sizing large letters and objects. After you have gilded you can use the Japan Brush to brush off the 'tails'. It will brush off without damaging the Gold Leaf. You can brush vertical, horizontal or diagonal and the gold will show the direction of the brushing, without damaging the surface. Available in sizes 1", 1 1/2" & 2" Series 1646

Gilders Gold Surplus Removal Brush for "Water Gilding". This brush was inspired by a great little "OLD" brush used by a sign writer and gold leaf master out of Australia - the late John Jordan. This brush is used for the removal of precious metal leaf when water gilding glass in reverse for Signage, Art, Decoration and much more. The handle is made from wood. The trim out is 3/4", and the wooden block is 2 1/8" x 4 3/4". The block has rounded ends and top with hand grooves in the sides. Use this brush after your back-up paint has completely dried. You may use a damp cloth (not dripping wet) and slightly moisten the surface, then brush gently over any surplus leaf in a pendulum action to remove surplus material. Available in 1 size only

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Stencil Brush (113)

A Stencil Brush can be used for putting sizing on carved and depth blasted glass, because the hog bristles are rather stiff. They can also be used for wall ornamentation, stencils & faux finishes. It is also a great spatter brush. Available in 4 sizes (see chart below) (#113)

This brush was designed for beginners wanting to try water gilding glass with loose leaf in reverse for signage art, decoration and much more. The handle is made from a wrapped black cardboard. Great to use with precious metals such as Gold, Silver and Palladium Loose Leaf. Hair Length 2 3/8" This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.

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Ron Percell’s Triple Tip (RP-7)

A Gold Leaf Application Brush for Loose on Glass, Metal & Wood

This universal glider's tip capable of holding "Full or Small" sheet or pieces of loose Gold, Silver and Palladium precious real leaf. Excellent for transferring Gold Leaf when surface gliding on oil based gold sized, cars and trucks, carved dimensional lettering and glided picture frames. Great for water gliding with gelatin on large and small reverse glass lettering and mirroring. Suitable for alcohol, oil and water based gliding with real Gold or Silver Leaf. Hair Length 3 1/2" This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.