How to Draw Monsters (BOOK-HTDM)

: $27.95

by: Timothy Remus

If you’ve been doodling monster sketches on napkins and scratch paper since fourth grade, this is your chance to take those skills up a notch. Let Paul “Imperial” Ledney and Chad Scheres show you first hand how to create everything from Frankenstein to an Ed-Roth-style hot rod duck driving a crazy Impala.

Sequential photos by the authors take you through the process of creating believable monsters, one step at a time. Paul and Chad discuss not just technique, but also the tools they use and where they find inspiration and ideas. More than just learning to sketch, paint and illustrate, the book also explains the process of casting monsters in three dimensions. With over 400 photos spread across 144 pages, How to Draw Monsters is like being invited into the studios of two very experienced and well-known artists with combined backgrounds in pinstriping, illustration, screen printing and casting.

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