Pinstriping Instruction & Designs (BOOK-PI&D)

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By: Todd Hanson

Filled with over 200 high quality hand-painted designs and color photos, Todd Hanson, with over 30 years experience and longtime contributor to SignCraft Magazine, writes a smart and easy to understand, informative approach to pinstriping.

Divided into 3 sections, the instruction section offers insight into things such as, trimming a brush, mixing paint, and features a step by step on how to build a design. The instruction section focuses on design theory to help you gain the proper and necessary knowledge to build quality designs.

The design section features 34 pages of hand-painted designs for practice and inspiration.

And finally the all-color photo section allows the reader to see finished pinstriping designs on various objects such as hot rods, trucks, motorcycles, gas pumps, and panels.

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