Pinstriping Made Easy

: $29.95

  • You will receive over 45 minutes of instructional videotape
  • Printed “basic strokes” patterns for practice
  • Tips on paints, brushes, & techniques
  • Learn Pinstriping for Fun and Profit

The market for custom pinstriping has exploded. In an age when virtually all vehicles “look alike”, owners want that distinctive touch that sets their cars or truck a breed apart. Those who practice the art professionally command large incomes. You can be one of them.

There is also a tremendous satisfaction in learning pinstriping for personal satisfaction….and applying it to your own vehicle and those of friends.
Presented by masters of the art with 30-years combined experience is a step-by-step instructional videotape….complete with practice patterns of the simple basic strokes from which all professional pinstriping is derived.

Whether for profit or for pleasure, “Pinstriping Made Easy” by Pinkston & Lusk is the answer, leading you through the process in an entertaining easy-to-learn manner in the comfort of your own home using your TV and VCR.

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