Golden Boys (LL-GB)


Introducing one of our latest brushes…a “speed flat” with the same great Taklon hair as some of our other brushes. We have fallen into a “gold mine” with this hair. The Golden Boys are great for lettering and fill work. We offer 4 distinctive sizes ranging from 3/16″-1/2″ ferrule size and all at 1-3/4″ in hair length. These brushes hold a lot of paint and have great control! You may have seen this brush in the “Gold Leaf” issue of Auto Art Magazine, used by Dick “Thinman” Crawford. He has found this brush to be useful in laying down sizing when preparing for gold and/or silver leafing. He indicated that it allows the sizing to glide smoothly onto the surface. It withstands the harsher chemicals and cleaners better than any other brush he’s tried!

This series is a full synthetic filament mixture.

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